Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Review of Leslie Sansone 5 Really Big Miles DVD

I'm fortunate that my local library has several Leslie Sansone workout videos, either at my local branch or elsewhere in Ohio where I can take advantage of an inter-library loan.  The second video that I borrowed in her Walk at Home series was Walk Slim: 5 Really Big Miles.

This DVD proved to be a little more challenging for me than the first one I reviewed the other day.  None of the movements are difficult, but after the five minute warmup period, it picks up the pace with the first mile, and each of the four subsequent miles.  Leslie adds a toning band into the routine to work the arms in mile two (included with the original video), but I just did the arm movements without the band and it was fine; my arms did get a workout.

Those of you who are in good shape already will probably really enjoy this workout session.  I am old and overweight, and trying to move my feet fast enough to keep up with this routine puts me at risk for tripping over myself, so I didn't even try after the first few minutes.  The first mile after the warmup is said to be a 4 mph pace (15 minute mile) and while I can manage that and more in a forward motion on the road or treadmill, adding footwork into the mix was too much for me as she got into faster routines.  Mile 3 steps it up to a 12 minute mile pace (5 mph) and I did keep moving through all of it, but it was not as much fun since I couldn't follow the beat, and I obviously didn't get the workout that this session intended.

Leslie includes a nice cool down period after the five miles, with a couple of minutes of stretching to end the workout session.

One thing I've noticed in all of her videos is that Ms Sansone uses real people as her 'walkers'.  Men and women, young and old, slender and the more voluptuous perform the routines with her, showing that it doesn't matter where you are on your walk towards fitness, you can do it, even if you have to slow down or go with a modified movement.

Is it a fun video?  Yes!  Just too much for me at this stage of my life after having been lax for so long.  I won't be buying this one, but if you want a brisk workout that increases in speed and intensity, this could be just the thing for you.

You can find Leslie Sansone's 5 Really Big Miles on both amazon.com and eBay.

~ Marie Anne

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