Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Bended Knee .. or Not

Stock photo by akeg
So ... my knee injury from last September still isn't anywhere near healed.  After more than 7 months, I'm still walking with a severe limp, and while I can bend my leg, I'm extemely limited as to what I can do.  I can't kneel -- not at all, not even to get into my bed on a soft mattress, nor can I lay on my stomach to sleep.  The pain to my kneecap is excruciating, even to the touch.

The original stress fracture was to my tibia (my right shin), and since I'm not experiencing any pain there, I'm sure the fracture has long since healed and that the knee pain is caused by something else.  I suspect effusion (water on the knee), because it feels like jelly and my knee doesn't lock like it should.  It will give way if I'm walking on uneven ground, or if one of my dogs even rubs up against that leg (which 70+ lb Molly loves to do).  It could also be torn meniscus, I suppose, as both of those things were mentioned to me after the initial MRI, but scoffed at by the orthopedist.

I haven't wanted to go back to orthopedics here at the Chillicothe VA because of the ridiculous (lack of) treatment I received there.  I finally gave in and sent a note to my primary care team, told them what I'm feeling and asked that someone review my earlier MRI and x-rays and suggest what to do next.  They were very prompt in their response and said they'd ordered another MRI, which is set up for May 13.  Once we get the report from the radiologist, we'll see about a referral to a different VA,  perhaps Huntington, WV or Dayton.

Exercise is at a standstill since I'm still dealing with limited mobility, which means the weight loss is too.  I'm making a concerted effort to watch the carbs again and hoping that I'll get a proper diagnosis and treatment for my knee and get back on the wagon all the way around.

Wait .. I don't want to ride in the wagon.  I want to walk.  God (and a good orthopedist) willing, I will be again soon.

~ Marie Anne

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