PR Friendly Reviews

Does your company promote fitness or nutritional products?  I'd love to try out your product and provide a review for you.

Examples of products I'd be interested in reviewing include:

  • Low-carb food and snacks
  • Workout clothing
  • Walking/running shoes
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Books on nutrition or fitness

As a freelance writer knowledgeable in SEO, I guarantee an honest, well-written review, but won't compromise my integrity just to receive free product.  Once posted, the blog entry featuring your product will be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and tweeted, all with appropriated hashtags.  While this blog is fairly new and still building readership, my Klout score associated with my main Facebook and Twitter accounts hovers just under 70.

Would you like to increase exposure to your site or business even further?  Ship an extra product to be given away to a contest winner, and I'll host a giveaway.  I'll handle all the details, you simply pay for shipping costs or mail directly to the winner at contest end.

Email to send me your pitch.

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