PR Friendly Reviews

Does your company promote fitness or nutritional products?  I'd love to try out your product and provide a review for you.

Examples of products I'd be interested in reviewing include:

  • Low-carb food and snacks
  • Workout clothing
  • Walking/running shoes
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Walking/workout videos
  • Books on nutrition or fitness
As a freelance writer knowledgeable in SEO, I guarantee an honest, well-written review, but won't compromise my integrity just to receive free product.  Once posted, the blog entry featuring your product will be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter, all with appropriated hashtags.  While this blog is still building readership, I have a very large following on social media, and the blog stats will start increasing as I get more interesting things to post.

Would you like to increase exposure to your site or business even further?  Ship an extra product to be given away to a contest winner, and I'll host a giveaway.  I'll handle all the details, you simply pay for shipping costs or mail directly to the winner at contest end.

Email to send me your pitch.

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