Friday, August 4, 2017

New Name ... Whatdya Think?

© Marie Anne St. Jean
After much deliberation over renaming this blog, I decided to leave the word 'fit' in there, since nutrition, exercise, and most anything else I write about will be about fitness in one form or another.  It also keeps the name similar to what it was before, just switching the decade and exchanging 'staying' for 'getting'.  It's not totally alliterative (the old one wasn't either), but I think it's a good 'fit'.

So, drumroll please ...   the new name is "Staying Fit in My 60s".  What do you think?

The main blogger url will be the same since I don't want to create a whole new blog, and I'll be keeping my custom domain name of until it expires this fall, and then purchase a new one that fits this new decade of my life.

I'm glad to have the blog name situation put to bed ... now to get down to the business of writing and posting something worth reading!

~ Marie Anne


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