Saturday, September 8, 2012

Putting on the Dog

Yesterday was almost a day off from exercise, but I did fit in a short walk on my street, about 15 minutes worth.  I wish now that I'd made it a little longer trip.

Later in the day I got a phone call that one of the rescued puppies I had placed a few weeks ago needed a new home immediately, as the owner had been hospitalized for most of Aug and was going back in again this morning and couldn't care for him.  Someone else was going to take him but was a no-show, so either I took him back or he was going to the shelter this morning, so you know what happened.

I had planned on taking my two dogs out for a walk at dusk, but now with the third one thrown in, I wasn't sure how that was going to work.  The other lady that had him said she'd put him on the leash one time and he hated it, so she never tried again.  I started out with McGee on the tandem leash with one of mine and ohmy, he pulled back so hard he was choking himself before we even got out the door.  I switched and put Molly and Jethro on the double leash as usual, and put little McGee on the single lead by himself.  He didn't like that any better and kept pulling back and choking, so things didn't start out well.

Molly & Jethro

Since my two were moving forward, McGee finally decided he best do the same and did a little better, but would speed up and slow down, not keeping pace with the other two.  It wasn't long before I was switching hands and twirling around to try to keep three dogs and two leashes from becoming tangled, or worse, landing me on my butt.

It wasn't pleasant for me, and probably not a pretty sight for anyone who might have caught me dancing down the street, but I managed to keep things moving for probably just under 10 minutes.  That was enough; back to the house we went.

My legs didn't get much of a workout from the excursion yesterday, but my arms sure did, and I also got to work on my balance.  Errands took up part of my day today ( I went shopping for running shoes ... that'll be a separate blog post) so I probably won't get a good workout in, but might make another attempt at dog-walking this evening.  A friend might be coming by with his two dogs later, so can I possibly do it with five of them?

If you're in the area, grab your video camera.  I guarantee it will be worthy of YouTube.

Disclaimer:  No animals were injured during the conduct of this excursion.  It remains to be seen whether the same can be said for the human involved.

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