Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tips to Keep You Drinking Water During Winter

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Everyone knows that drinking water is important to our health, and it's just as important to stay well hydrated in winter as it is summer.  We need to replace what we lose when we perspire when the weather is hot, but water is essential year round for so many health reasons, so don't put your water bottle away when the temperature drops.

Water aids in digestion, helps our kidneys flush out toxins, and is important for healthy looking skin.  Inadequate fluid intake can result in muscle fatigue, as cells can shrivel without it, so drinking water is essential from a fitness standpoint.  It can also help regulate our body temperature, which is important any time of year.

But I Don't Like Plain Water

Many people don't.  Trying adding a drop or two of lemon juice to flavor it just a bit.  I always ask for lemon with my water when eating out, and I've grown accustomed to the taste, so now I replicate that at home.  I don't use fresh lemons often enough to justify purchasing the fruit, but the bottled lemon juice is a good substitute, and it really does only take the smallest amount to make the water more palatable.

Drink More, Spend Less

I've never believed in spending good money to buy bottled water.  Since I pay a water bill every month and my tap works just fine, I refuse to spend extra only to add more plastic waste to our already overcrowded landfills.  A filtered water pitcher has been a good investment for me - my water is clean and tasty, but without the added hassle and expense of having to buy it in bottles.  My refrigerator doesn't have a water dispenser, so the pitcher is perfect for my needs.

But It's So Cold!

One of my biggest stumbling blocks that keep me from drinking enough water in winter is that I'm always cold, and who wants a cold drink when they're already freezing?  Give me that mug of hot chocolate!

To help get over that hurdle, I leave the water pitcher on the counter every day and drink it at room temperature. It's not exactly warm, but it's much better than when it's refrigerated.  Leaving it out in the open also serves as a constant reminder throughout the day to keep drinking, which is harder for me to remember when it's chilly out.

I probably still don't drink as much water in winter as I should, but I'm much more diligent about it now, and these tips help me keep things flowing a little easier.

~ Marie Anne

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  1. I am one of those "I don't like plain water" but soda is expensive and bad for me (and my waistline!) I've started using Crystal Light and also had water with sliced apples in it and that was really good!


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