Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another 5K in the Books

I completed my second 5K on Saturday, my time being just a little slower than the previous week, but I did complete it, so it's still a win in my book.  It was a really small race, and in all honesty, I'm reluctant to really call it a race due to the size and lack of management, but I'll cover some tips for both race coordinators and participants in future posts.

Saturday's race was also on asphalt, and I'm still leery of doing too much running on hard surfaces, but once again, stretching and warming up really helped.  I didn't feel any shin or knee pain at all, but wasn't happy to see the small hills scattered through the course.  Still, adding hills give you a good workout, so even if I didn't get a personal best out of the deal, it got me out there and moving, and that's never a bad thing.

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After doing that 5K Saturday morning, I did another 5K on the treadmill later in the afternoon at an even slower pace.  I had a weekend L4L goal to meet (30,000 steps over the two days), and knew Sunday was going to be a little busier with church activities both morning and evening, so wanted to get more than halfway to goal on Saturday.  I made my goal and then some without compromising worship time, so calling the weekend a win all the way around.  I thank God each day for every step that I'm able to take; He deserves all the praise and glory.

There are lots more races coming up within driving distance, but I haven't narrowed down which I'll enter yet.  Money is always an issue so I need to be smart and choose those that I really want to do and which are worth the entry fee.  I probably should limit myself to one race per month, but will see how that plays out.

Lots of ideas for future blog posts, so stick around!  As I mentioned in my opener, I'm anxious to cover some race tips for both runners and coordinators, to help their race be a better experience for all.  I'll also be doing some product reviews for fitness gear and tech stuff that I really like, and would love to hear about your favorites too.

~ Marie Anne

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