Friday, June 19, 2015

Earn money with AchieveMint by working out

Some experts say that rewarding yourself for good behavior is one way to stay motivated to continue, like allowing yourself a treat when you lose a certain number of pounds, or if you work out every day, or make your goal of x number of miles per week.  What's even better is earning that treat by working out, but not having to pay for it yourself!  You can actually earn by working out with AchieveMint, a site that pays you for the miles you walk and run.

AchieveMint can access your running and walking activity through all sorts of trackers - Fitbit, Runkeeper, Map My Fitness, and scores of others.  Simply create an account when you click on AchieveMint and link whatever fitness tracking device you use to and you're off and running!

You'll earn points on AchieveMint for whatever fitness related activities you perform, and also for weighing yourself - it even gives you 20 points every day for sleeping if your device tracks that!  You won't really earn a mint with AchieveMint, but I'm ok with any amount of money an app will give me for doing something I do every day anyway.  You need 50,000 points to earn $50 and it won't happen overnight, but the more miles you log, the more points you will earn, so that's a great incentive to lace up your running shoes and get out there.  Money is a great motivator!

I've been a member of AchieveMint for several months and have earned almost 30,000 points so far, and I'm not stopping now!  I could use a new pair of running shoes and we all know those aren't cheap, so it seems fitting to put my first $50 from AchieveMint towards the price of new shoes.

What will you work towards?

~ Marie Anne

Update 11/16/2015:  I did very little in the way of exercise for a couple of months this summer, but I'm back on track now and earning more every day!  At the rate I'm going, I'll have earned my $50 gift card in probably about three weeks.  I'll be posting separately about how I earn more points every day, so keep an eye on this blog for future updates on this and other programs that pay you to exercise.


  1. I had no idea you could earn money this way until I read this, Marie Anne! I hope it's okay that I shared your post on my Facebook wall, I think this is a great way to earn some extra $, and it could help motivate others to work out more when they are getting in shape, i.e. make money for a new wardrobe for a new, slimmer and fitter you, while you work out! Anyway, thanks for this great tip and article!

    1. It's absolutely ok to share this post, Lyn! There is no referral incentive on AchieveMint, so I don't get anything from anyone signing up, I'm just sharing the 'wealth'. I'll gladly take the extra few page views on this blog post, though!

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome! I'm excited to be close to cashing out. I should have enough in two weeks or so.

  3. What a great find, Marie Anne! I could use the motivation (and a new pair of shoes). Thanks for sharing this tip with us.

    1. And I just got my $50 gift card the other day! It was redeemable as cash send directly to my bank account. So yes, this is real!


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