Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Win $50 Amazon Gift Card from SparkPeople

I've looked at many fitness and diet-related sites online, but SparkPeople is my favorite site to track my food and fitness goals every day.  With just a few clicks, I can enter all of the food I've eaten and it will track the calories as well as all nutritional data, and when I enter what exercise I've completed, it will track calories burned. You earn points towards trophies for completing those activities as well as reading articles about fitness and nutrition.

I digress.  The $50 Amazon gift certificate.  Right.

For a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card, simply go to SparkPeople and sign up to receive their special offers newsletter.  That's it.  Sign up for a newsletter and you could be one of the four lucky people who win $50 to buy whatever you want from Amazon.com - new workout wear, a dress in a smaller size, a pedometer, books, or any one of thousands of other cool things.

The contest ends on March 19, 2013 but enter now so you don't forget!  While you're out there, add me as a friend on SparkPeople.

~ Marie Anne

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